Ben Adkins

Ben is someone with whom I share a deep musical connection, and also someone I consider as family. Check out his music and buy his album - you won't be disappointed!

Jax Jazz Collective

I am the pianist for this Jacksonville-based sextet. We love to honor the jazz masters by recreating their songs with our own modern twist. The band features creative arranging/writing and energetic improvisation.

Linda Cole

As part of the Nat King Cole family dynasty, Linda definitely lives up to the level of talent and musicianship that one expects when hearing the Cole name. When you hear her sing and perform live, it is guaranteed that you will be fully entertained. I love to work with her, as she is truly an inspiration.

The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra

I am the pianist for this 9-piece jazz ensemble based out of NYC.  The band originally formed in Jacksonville entirely from UNF students and graduates, and now most of them (except myself and the drummer Ben Adkins) live in NY.  I love being a part of this group, not only because of the great music whenever we get together, but because of the great friendships.


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